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Cloud POS Tech - A Silver Lining Solution to Legacy Systems

The success or failure of a restaurant largely depends on the quality of its POS system. There are of course a myriad of problems and challenges that an owner has to contend with....

26 Jun, 2024

'Where's All Our House Red Gone?' Are You In Control of Stock Movements?

Whenever stock levels are dangerously low, it’s important for restaurants in the same chain to...

13 Aug, 2021

Seven Restaurant Metrics That Every Ops Director Needs

It's vital for operations directors to keep a finger on the pulse of their restaurant business....

06 Aug, 2021

Are customers waiting too long — and vowing never to return?

Every restaurant wants to boost customer loyalty. But it evaporates instantly if guests start to...

06 Aug, 2021

Transforming table service can be game-changer

More restaurants are rethinking the way they manage table service. Typically, it’s the front line...

20 Jul, 2021

Get the heads-up on restaurant digital transformation

What should digital transformation look like for restaurants, bars and cafes — and what business...

19 Jul, 2021

Hospitality's awkward truth exposed - and how to survive

The food and beverage (F&B) sector has been caught in an economic storm. But it’s exposed an...

24 Jun, 2021

Ordering channels — and the risk to restaurant operations

Finding ways to keep serving customers amid shifting lockdown rules has left many venues around the...

14 Jun, 2021

How to make table service more profitable and delight customers

Bars and restaurants are in a battle to recoup months of lost revenue. But your waiting staff can...

10 Jun, 2021

Restaurants after-shocks - Part 1: How to beat food inflation

Just when business-as-usual feels a step closer, restaurants and bars are being hit by surging...

29 May, 2021

Wondering what kind of restaurant EPOS you need?

In this article we asked Marc Brown, Managing Director, Syrve UK:‘If you had to give one bit of...

06 May, 2021

Restaurant automation: 10 ways to accelerate performance

Imagine if you could automate up to 80% of daily routines in your bar or restaurant — and what...

27 Apr, 2021

How to boost the IQ of your F&B operations

Employing smart people will boost your restaurant’s performance. But what’s the most effective way...

07 Apr, 2021

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