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As a multi-location - or even a multi-brand - business, it’s crucial that you have access to the tools you need to bring all aspects of your enterprise together. With Syrve, you can enjoy complete visibility - and maintain control - over all your venues.

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Manage multiple stores with confidence

  • Consolidate multi-store information into a single, simple data set
  • View the ‘full picture’ to make smarter decisions for your enterprise
  • Synchronise data and roll out changes to multiple stores simultaneously
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing Syrve will grow with your business

Listen from restaurant owners directly!

See how Sryve is helping hospitality around the globe boost performance.

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1. Bring Everything Together

Syrve is designed to be used in any and many business structures.

Everything is covered ... from speeding-up order placement and service delivery, through to optimising your staff schedules, increasing kitchen efficiency, making better purchasing choices and rolling out profitable promotions.

With Syrve, you can manage and monitor all your different outlets as one business, rather than separate entities. Control your sites from one location with ease. View, consolidate and make changes instantly.

2. Handle Orders from a Single Call Centre

Free up staff working at individual stores by directing all telephone orders - for all locations - to a single, dedicated call centre.

This enables you to build a committed team of customer service experts - or outsource if required - safe in the knowledge that the right orders are being sent through to the right restaurant, at the right time - and manage capacity effectively.

This leaves your site staff with more time to focus on serving walk-ins in person.

3. Keep a Central Record of Your Customers

With Syrve, it’s easy to automatically consolidate customer data from across every store into a single, centralised customer database.

This can help you to uncover deeper insights about your customers’ behaviours and preferences, and allow you to better optimise your rewards and loyalty programmes.

Through greater understanding of your customers, you can encourage them to keep coming back. 

4. Manage Franchises with Ease

Are some of your stores operated as franchisees?

Syrve features full franchisee support to make it easy for them to get up and running and scale, while complying to corporate standards.

This helps to ensure that any franchisee operation is maintaining the same brand message and vision, and serving customers in the way they expect.

5. Roll Out Across All Stores Rapidly

No matter how many stores you operate under your enterprise, you can roll out Syrve across every location under a single vendor licence, helping you to save money while ensuring that all your restaurants have the technology they need to succeed.

Syrve can be implemented across all relevant sites, venues, and restaurants quickly and easily, so it’s simple to get started using Syrve to manage multi-store operations. 

6. Integrate With Your Existing Systems

With Syrve you can run your entire multi-site operation with one unified business management suite - and integrate easily with existing systems to streamline your processes.

Our platform is built with clear integration points that utilise industry standards and tools to make integration into your environment easy to do and manage.

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Effectively manage your CPU

  • Centralise food production, and ship to stores as needed
  • Manage demand across multiple sites, and multiple brands
  • Make store level insights and forecasting available at CPU level
  • See consolidated orders from all stores in a single place


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Centralised reporting

  • Track performance across all stores
  • Compare KPIs between different venues
  • Keep a close eye on past, present and future productivity data
  • Ensure everyone is accountable — and can see where they can make a difference.

Back of House

Syrve enables you to manage your kitchen, schedule staff, control your inventory, forecast future demand, and track your profit and loss, through a single system.

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Front of House

With Syrve, you have a fully comprehensive POS that helps you maximise the customer experience, from implementing table service to launching loyalty campaigns.

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Build your online presence with Syrve, enable customers to order online or through your app, and integrate with popular food delivery services to reach new customers.

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Back of House

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Front of House

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Ready To Get Started?

Schedule a personalised consultation with our team of experts and see how Syrve can improve your operational efficiency and improve your bottom line.

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Listen to what our users have to say!

Syrve - Testimonials_Rob Hodges - Farmer J
Syrve - Testimonials_Brett Edwards - DD Donuts
Syrve - Testimonials_George Murray - Coffee Diem

“We're able to see our inventory in real-time, we're able to see our purchase levels, and we can make decisions on the correct purchasing, because of suggested orders. As well, we're making sure that we're only ordering ingredients that we need, and not overfilling our stock rooms full of ingredients. Syrve makes my staff’s life easier.”

Rob Hodges

Head of Operations, Farmer J

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“We can access historical sales anywhere, this gives us instant access to our business. Every day, I get an email update on my phone of all our store sales, that not only saves time, but it also gives me confidence in our operations.”

Brett Edwards

Head of Franchising, Dum Dum Donutterie

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“Syrve has helped me save money and increase my productivity. I think certainly productivity for my team, where I don’t have to spend time training them. From a money perspective, it's really just a matter of wastage. I know what products are selling, so I'm not having to waste things at the end of the week.”

George Murray

Owner, Coffee Diem

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