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Syrve is Your All-in-One POS & Restaurant Management Software

Syrve is a comprehensive POS and Restaurant Management Software solutions that can be tailored to your needs and specialises in helping bars, restaurants, takeaways, and other hospitality businesses achieve more with less. Designed to meet the complex and evolving needs of the sector, Syrve is here to help you thrive.

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Empower Your Staff

Provide your staff with the tools they need to perform to the best of their ability

Streamline Processes

Optimise your internal processes to boost efficiency and improve productivity

Operate With Confidence

Run your business with peace of mind that you’re doing what it takes to succeed

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Run Your Entire Operation
With One Platform

Whether you’re looking to help your servers spend more time caring for customers, or you want to gain insight into where your money’s going, Syrve can help. Syrve brings together all aspects of running a hospitality business with multiple features of restaurant management systems into one comprehensive cloud platform.

Syrve - Front of House

Front of House

Streamline your customer-facing activities to provide your guests with the very best experience. From taking orders more accurately to delivering dishes quicker, Syrve helps you run your front of house effectively and encourages customers to return.

Syrve - Back of House

Back of House

Your front of house can’t run smoothly if there are inefficiencies behind the scenes. Syrve helps you to optimise your back of house processes, from automating tasks to reducing friction with customer-facing staff to build solid foundations for success.

Syrve - Ecommerce


Give your customers more flexibility to order from your bar or restaurant in a way that suits them. Perhaps they want to order and pay from their table, so there’s no need to pause the conversation.

Syrve - Above Store

Above Store

Syrve helps you to gain deeper insights into your operation as a whole, offering a real-time birds-eye view of everything that’s going on. Armed with the right data and complete transparency, you can leverage the power of Syrve to make smart business decisions.

Syrve - Head Office

Head Office

Syrve features the tools and support businesses need to operate compliantly, and with confidence. From standardising policies to ensuring data is handled in accordance with local legislation, Syrve takes the worry out of running a successful, thriving business.

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Over 8,000 Hospitality businesses love Syrve

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews


Syrve customer - The Good Life Eatery

"The amount of detail that we can get into with Syrve reporting is just incredible to see. I cannot say enough about reporting, it is just incredible. We now have full integration with all our suppliers, our daily stock management and waste management. We now know where our gross profit is, and we can home in on key variants and recognise [where any issues are]. We truly have full integration. Other systems I’ve used just don’t get to the level that Syrve does. Even though there’s still so much to explore with Syrve, it’s so easy to use I can imagine us gaining so much more from it."

The Good Life Eatery

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews
80. GDD - Syrve Website - Testimonies - St Quintin Arms Logo

“We took our time looking at various systems on the market before choosing to purchase an EPOS system. Everyone who we have dealt with have provided an excellent service. Overall we could not be happier with our choice of EPOS system.”

St Quintin Arms Inn

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews
80. GDD - Syrve Website - Testimonies - Shortstown Food Bar

“The team at Syrve, have outdone themselves yet again for the speed and professionalism in which their entire team has managed to get us up and running. I simply can’t recommend them highly enough if you are looking for a POS & web shop integration solution.”

Shortstown Food Bar

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews
80. GDD - Syrve Website - Testimonies - Shackletons of bare Logo

“The system itself is intuitive to use at the front end processes and the back office suite gives me all the metrics and reports I could wish for along with the ability for me to change front end info on the fly is incredible plus I know I have support from both their customer support teams and also having a team of technical experts on hand via Telegram. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and would recommend Syrve to all my colleagues within the industry.”

Shackleton’s of Bare

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews
80. GDD - Syrve Website - Testimonies - Boho Burrito Logo

“Fantastic system that is so much more than the majority of the POS systems on the market. It’s a real powerhouse, driving our Business forward with a wealth of analytical features all backed up with second to none round the clock support accessible in minutes.”

Boho Burrito

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews
80. GDD - Syrve Website - Testimonies - Northbrook Arms Logo

“They are the best supplier decision we have made as a start up pub. From initial enquiry through to training and getting up and running; their ongoing customer support in my opinion has been second to none.”

The Northbrook Arms

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews
80. GDD - Syrve Website - Testimonies - Farmer J Logo

“Great support from the very start, a fantastic demo of the system, support setting the system up and ongoing support to ensure we are getting the best from our EPOS and stock management.”

Farmer J

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews
80. GDD - Syrve Website - Testimonies - Coffee Diem Logo

“I have used Syrve for my POS since I opened my Coffee Shop over two years ago, I have had the very best support and service from them at all times. They are always there when I need them. Their product is the best on the market and their support is second to none.”

Coffee Diem

Syrve Branded - 5 Star Reviews

Who We Syrve

No matter what type of hospitality business you run, Syrve has the tools you need to optimise your operations. Syrve has been developed to meet the needs of a wide range of hospitality type, from independent operators to large, well-established chains.

Select the restaurant type for more information on how Syrve can help amazing hospitality people, be their best, every day.

01 Restaurants

Coffee Shops

Free up time, increase productivity and manage your business on the go.

02 Coffee Shops

Quick Service

Increase throughput, maintain quality control, and keep track of costs easily.

03 Quick Service Restaurants

Fine Dining

Create comprehensive experiences and service, based on customer preference.

04 Fine Dining


Achieve scalability, efficiency, and accountability across your franchisee estate.

05 Franchises

Dark Kitchens

Increase revenue with a single platform designed for ecommerce and delivery.

06 Dark Kitchens

Bars, Pubs, Clubs

Speed service, improve team morale and simplify your back office.

07 Bars, Pubs, Clubs

Full Service

Switch between multiple service types instantly to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

08 Full Service Restaurants

Food Trucks

Get up and running quickly while you are on the go with a simple and flexible system.

09 Food Truck


Simplify ordering, improve recipe control, and streamline takeout delivery.

10 Pizzeria

Stadiums & Arenas

Deliver super-fast service and ensure an efficient, superior customer experience.

11 Stadium & Arenas

Who We Syrve

01 Restaurants Side Bar

Coffee Shops

02 Coffee Shops Side Bar

Quick Service

03 Quick Service Restaurants Side Bar

Fine Dining

04 Fine Dining Side Bar


05 Franchises Side Bar

Dark Kitchens

06 Dark Kitchens Side Bar

Bars, Pubs, Clubs

07 Bars, Pubs, Clubs Side Bar

Full Service

08 Full Service Restaurants Side Bar

Food Trucks

09 Food Truck Side Bar


10 Pizzeria Side Bar

Stadiums & Arenas

11 Stadium & Arenas Side Bar

Next-Gen Tech Guide

Syrve assists you to achieve greater efficiency, lower costs, scale profitably plus many other benefits - learn how with this Next-Gen tech guide.

Syrve - Next Gen 3D Cover
Syrve - Next Gen 3D Cover

Back of House

Syrve enables you to manage your kitchen, schedule staff, control your inventory, forecast future demand, and track your profit and loss, through a single system.

01 Back of House V2

Front of House

With Syrve, you have a fully comprehensive POS that helps you maximise the customer experience, from implementing table service to launching loyalty campaigns.

02 Front of House V2


Build your online presence with Syrve, enable customers to order online or through your app, and integrate with popular food delivery services to reach new customers.

03 Ecommerce

Above Store

Manage your staff, menus and generate valuable, real-time insights that provide a clear view into your operations. You can do it all - and more - with Syrve

04 Above Store V2

Head Office

Improve visibility, control and efficiency of managing your multi-location business. From policy and compliance to loyalty schemes, CPUs, KPI management, and more.

05 Head Office V2

Back of House

01 Back of House Side Bar

Front of House

02 Front of House SIde Bar


03 Ecommerce Side Bar

Above Store

04 Above Store Side Bar

Head Office

05 Head Office Side bar

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