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Table Service

Speed service and eliminate errors by empowering your front of house staff to take orders and accept payments on one device. With Syrve Table Service app, you can bring the features and functions of the till to the table to serve diners more efficiently and boost sales.

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Suitable for Businesses of
all Sizes

Whether you operate a small bar, opentable diners, or you manage a nationwide restaurant chain, Syrve’s table service functionality is designed to meet the needs of every business. 

  • Compatible with a wide selection of leading POS hardware and devices
  • Create floor plans and upload your entire menu, no matter how simple or complex
  • Best in class technology to support all your business’ table service needs
  • Take orders quickly and accurately, no matter how busy your restaurant is
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Maximise Speed
of Service

Syrve’s table service solution makes it easy for your staff to take orders and payments, enabling them to handle a greater number of transactions in much less time and deliver extraordinary dining experiences for your customers

  • Remove the need for your staff to be running between tables and till
  • Fire orders from device to kitchen, so chefs can get started immediately
  • Enable staff to track orders on-screen and monitor service speed
  • No delays. No distractions. Your customers get their food and drink faster
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Accept Payments with Ease

With Syrve, table service isn’t just about being able to accept orders at the table; it’s about processing payments there, too. Without hunting around for the card reader! 
  • Enable customers to settle their bills conveniently and securely when ready
  • Prevent queues building up at the till
  • Generate bills quickly and accurately as all order data is already there
  • Allow customers to pay in a way that suits their needs

Hear from restaurant owners directly!

See how Sryve is helping hospitality businesses around the globe boost performance.

Flexible Pricing, Stay in Control 

Say goodbye to fixed long-term contracts and hidden fees, with Syrve you benefit from flexible, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans that scale with your business.

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Syrve - Pricing Page - Laptop image - V2
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FAQs, Your Questions Answered

We are here to help, check out these frequently asked questions.

Prefer to speak with one of our experts, schedule your personalised consultation.

1. Do I need to switch between different devices?

No. With Syrve, you only need one convenient, handheld device to both take orders at the table, and process payments. Quality table service has never been easier. 

2. Do orders need to be transferred from handset to till?

With Syrve, rekeying is a thing of the past. When you take an order from the table, it automatically goes straight through to the kitchen, with no need to return to the till.

3. How does Table Service work with Syrve Back-of-House?

It’s all connected. When an order is taken at the table, it’s immediately entered into your Syrve platform seamlessly so you can view real-time reports, and see the immediate impact on inventory and plan.

4. What devices are compatible?

SmartOrder can be used on leading mobile devices such as the PAX A77 Android MiniPOS+, the PAX A920 Android SmartPOS, the Clover Flex, and many more. 

5. Does it connect with my kitchen?

Yes! Once an order is taken, it flows into your Syrve kitchen production pipeline so your service staff can easily keep track of the status of an order, and see when it’s ready to be delivered.

6. How with Syrve table service help improve customer service?

Staff typically have around 20% more time with guests. They can avoid endlessly returning to the terminal and kitchen - and focus on more attentive service.

7. How much can I boost my income from Table Service?

When your staff are able to speed up transactions, take ad hoc orders quickly, and maximise the customer experience, you could grow your revenue by 5% - 25%. 

Book A Demo Of The Syrve System To Experience The Future Of Operations

Our hospitality experts take the time to listen to your needs, learn about your business and will advise and guide you every step of the way to ensure Syrve is right for you, if it isn't we will tell you. Sound fair?

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Syrve - Book A Demo Laptop

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