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Did Somebody Say Third-Party Delivery? – The Most Cost-Effective Way to Integrate Delivery Apps

The global food delivery sector is worth more than one trillion US dollars. Helped by vastly improved online ordering platforms and changing consumer behaviour, this highly...

28 Mar, 2024

Syrve tech support performance Y2021

Syrve’s headline performance KPI’s for UK: average response time: 1.56 mins, average close time:...

20 Jan, 2022

Kitchen management: Enable ultra-smooth, friction-free food production

Take communication and performance to the next level — by ensuring your kitchen is a...

19 Jan, 2022

Table Service: Create a Straight-Through Process for Staff and Customers

Syrve’s Smart Table Service and SmartOrder app extends the capabilities of the Syrve all-in-one bar...

17 Jan, 2022

Guest Management: Win Greater Long-Term Loyalty and Grow Your Business

Hospitality brands can generate greater loyalty from customers by providing a more personalised...

14 Jan, 2022

Point-of-sale (POS) — for your front-of-house operations

Run your entire operation from a single interface With Syrve, you can manage your front-of-house,...

13 Jan, 2022

Let customers order and pay —from wherever they want

Today’s customers love the convenience of ordering from their phones as well as click-and-collect...

12 Jan, 2022

Top tactics for restaurants — amid rule-change uncertainty

Trying to second-guess new rules and restrictions for the hospitality sector can tie you in knots....

21 Dec, 2021

Five hospitality mega-trends to watch for in 2022

How will your hospitality business fare in 2022? Despite all the uncertainty, underlying trends are...

15 Dec, 2021

How restaurants can take the heat out of kitchen interactions

As we head into a busy holiday season, front-of-house and kitchen teams need to pull together....

15 Dec, 2021

How Tech Can Give Your Restaurant a More Profitable Holiday Season

What’s your mark of a successful holiday season — full venues, strong margins and satisfied...

12 Dec, 2021

Why every restaurant now needs 'menu agility'

Menu optimisation is a valuable weapon for restaurants in the battle against soaring inflation. And...

20 Oct, 2021

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