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Syrve Reaches 6,500 Customers!

Syrve Reaches 6,500 Customers!

Our all-in-one restaurant management system is proving to be in increasingly high demand across the globe. This week we reached a milestone of 6,500 customers worldwide!  

31 May, 2023

Menu management: How to balance cost, quality and customer satisfaction

Your menu is at the heart of your operation: How it’s designed, costed, managed and shared with...

01 Feb, 2022

Forecasting: Predict future demand — and optimise your operation

Accurate forecasting ensures you can minimise waste and take full advantage of sales opportunities....

26 Jan, 2022

Inventory control: Access trustworthy, real-time data — all in one place

Syrve gives you real-time data and control of your inventory, from the big picture to the granular...

25 Jan, 2022

Staff management: Raise performance levels, while saving time and costs

Managing staff is simpler with everything online in one place. With Syrve, you can keep track of...

21 Jan, 2022

Syrve tech support performance Y2021

Syrve’s headline performance KPI’s for UK: average response time: 1.56 mins, average close time:...

20 Jan, 2022

Kitchen management: Enable ultra-smooth, friction-free food production

Take communication and performance to the next level — by ensuring your kitchen is a...

19 Jan, 2022

Table Service: Create a straight-through process for staff and customers

Syrve’s Smart Table Service and SmartOrder app extends the capabilities of the Syrve all-in-one bar...

17 Jan, 2022

Guest management: Win greater long-term loyalty and grow your business

Hospitality brands can generate greater loyalty from customers by providing a more personalised...

14 Jan, 2022

Point-of-sale (POS) — for your front-of-house operations

Run your entire operation from a single interface With Syrve, you can manage your front-of-house,...

13 Jan, 2022

Let customers order and pay —from wherever they want

Today’s customers love the convenience of ordering from their phones as well as click-and-collect...

12 Jan, 2022

Top tactics for restaurants — amid rule-change uncertainty

Trying to second-guess new rules and restrictions for the hospitality sector can tie you in knots....

21 Dec, 2021

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Syrve - Book A Demo Laptop