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Syrve Reaches Six Thousand Signup Milestone for Restaurant Platform

07 February, 2023 |   | 

Syrve announces a noteworthy milestone today as their six thousand restaurant venue, Miya Bistro (a Bulldozer Group brand), Dubai signs up for a Syrve account. The restaurant control platform, which allows operators to cut through the grind of everyday tasks and create business advantage, launched in May 2022 when it took over iiko international operations – and has grown quickly from 4,700+ to 6,000+ restaurant venues in 33 countries: +13% in just 8 months

The success is attributed to Syrve’s unique approach. Syrve recognised there are stubborn issues that have been holding back restaurant businesses for years. Issues that were once tolerated because margins were good enough. These specifically relate to fragmented processes, manual intensive tasks and insights that tell the wrong picture. And they need attention:

  • Fragmented Processes: Key operations and events are recorded long after they happen, and there is a lot of reliance on paperwork, spreadsheets or people needing to pass on messages
  • Manual Tasks: Onerous and manual tasks (such as inventory counts) get forgotten, take too long, and there is a lack of accuracy and visibility of process
  • Insights: Operators rely on old, inaccurate data sets and have little confidence in the figures to make informed business decisions.

Syrve has been able to fix these issues with a cloud-based restaurant automation and control platform that automates all aspects of restaurant operations. In fact, Syrve is the only company that can unify front-of-house and back-of-house processes and keep all aspects of a restaurant operations in sync, in a meaningful way.

Brands that use Syrve include: Papa Johns, Carrefour, Yo!. L’eto, Chalet Berezeka, Texas de Brazil, Le Pain Quotidien, CUPP, Thai Express, and Fuller Thompson.


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