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COVID-19: Syrve UK Response

17 March, 2020 |   | 

Syrve family,

As a member of the Syrve community, the health and safety of our team and customers is of utmost priority. We are closely monitoring recent advice on Coronavirus and the associated illness of COVID-19.

I would like to share the actions we are taking to help our community navigate these difficult times:

First, we will continue with our policy of zero set-up and activation fees. All new subscription plans will continue to be offered as PAYG monthly or annual options (you can decide to cancel anytime) to help support cash-flow and ease the short-term impact of COVID-19.

Second, many restaurants will start to offer delivery services to their customers. We will offer free integration of Deliveroo to make it easier to manage your food delivery operation – online orders from the Deliveroo platform will be pushed directly to your Syrve POS and kitchen. In addition, we will offer free Xero integration to support cost control. With a direct feed from Syrve to your Xero accounting software, you can automate financial reporting and better track revenue and expenses and plan cash flow.

Third, we want to remind customers they already have easy access to a wide range of complimentary features to help navigate this crisis. You can maintain moment-by-moment financial control over ordering, labour, inventory and waste, so efficiency gets maximised. There are smart ways to increase revenue too with upsell options, meals arriving accurately on time, loyalty schemes that bring you closer to your customers and easy ways to create promotions. Free online training for any of these features will be made available to customers on a first come, first served basis.

Some customers may also wish to use this period to get set for the upturn that’s certain to come before long. Syrve has a range of advanced features to help you understand and control your business like never before. Syrve will waiver the first month of any upgrade fees to our Pro-plan. Features include: better management of recipes, batches and ingredients; ability to compare stock levels in real time across stores; track every ingredient and batch item transaction; model your cost of sales using “what-if” analysis; perfect your menu offer using “ABC/XYZ” analysis; manage multi-store operations; build reports on the fly using OLAP; and schedule price and promotion updates to avoid last minute changes etc.

The majority of Syrve staff are now remote working and staying safe. We have exceptional tools and processes in place to support customers during this period. To put this into context, last week for technical support our average response time was 2 minutes and average fix time was 15 minutes. I am sure you will agree this is world-class support levels.Syrve_Speak with an Expert Banner

Finally, we are asking our entire community of devoted foodies to lend their support for the local restaurant industry, whilst keeping care of themselves. Please actively use takeout and delivery services as viable options. Leave cash at home and consider using alternative forms of payment. Order online and pay with your credit card to minimise handling. Pay a visit to independently owned restaurants and markets. Purchase a gift card over the phone or via the restaurant’s website – a great way to treat family and friends after any self-isolation. Sign-up for any subscriptions and future cooking or sampling classes. And don’t forget to tip well!

Stay strong. Were all in this together!
Your sincerely
Simon and the Syrve UK team.

Simon Dadswell

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