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The Crystal Palace Market

29 March, 2019 |   | 

Syrve POS Restaurant Management System has made life simpler, faster and more profitable for The Crystal Palace Market in London.

This popular restaurant believes in ultra-fresh and flavoursme food. Its innovative culinary concept centres on giving food the respect it deserves — by simply grill-searing fish, meat and chicken to lock in the natural flavours. The team sources the best local ingredients, customers pick what they like from the wide selection of market produce and the chefs prepare it for them, right on the spot.

With Syrve, the restaurant has increased revenues.

Managers at The Crystal Palace Market have used Syrve’s marketing programs to generate extra income through customer management loyalty programmes, while also improving employee efficiency. The cloud-based system provides the tools to do both — on a single platform that’s so simple for everyone to use.

1. Ease of use

Employees love the simplicity of Syrve. The POS is intuitive, the tools are straightforward, and the time needed to train new staff has reduced significantly.

2. Efficiency

Team members spend less time on routine tasks. The inventory controls have reduced waste. And incentive programmes are keeping everyone motivated.

3. Cost

With Syrve’s loyalty tools, the restaurant has been able to identify returning customers and roll out marketing programmes to generate higher revenues.

How The Crystal Palace Market rates Syrve…

“Fast and intuitive: Those are two words that sum up so much about Syrve — from order taking, through to our daily operations, and getting those valuable insights we need about what’s happening within our business.”

Edward Skilton, Manager of The Crystal Palace Market

Simon Dadswell

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