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Maximise Online Table Reservations With SevenRooms and Syrve

22 August, 2023 |   | 
Syrve SevenRooms integration

Online table reservations and table orders just got easier! Our direct integration with SevenRooms will enable you to use the reservation module within Syrve as well as creating orders at the table when your guests arrive.

The integration will enable real-time synchronization between SevenRooms' reservation system and Syrve System's POS platform. This ensures that reservations and guest details are automatically updated across both systems, allowing staff to manage bookings, table assignments, and waitlists effortlessly.

Integration that works both ways

All information like the order number, user basket, discounts, taxes, and total amount are automatically sent to SevenRooms. By consolidating data from both platforms, restaurant owners can access comprehensive reports and analytics on key performance metrics, sales trends, and customer behaviour. 

All the data in SevenRooms is automatically exported into Syrve; all information about the customer, their time of arrival, customer comments, any prepayments, and the unique reservation code. SevenRooms data is even available in Syrve’s Reporting & Analytics. As well as being able to make reservations directly into your Syrve POS, your restaurant’s upcoming reservations will show on the POS lock screen.

You’re always in control with Syrve

As always with Syrve, we understand that every restaurant, bar, and coffee shop is different to the next. So, of course, your integration is flexible. You can choose what information is transferred between SevenRooms and Syrve, making it easier for you to only see what you need to.

To find out more about Syrve, SevenRooms or any of our other integrations – contact us today.


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