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Coffee Diem

22 April, 2019 |   | 

Syrve has helped an independent boutique coffee shop to launch successfully — proving that the world’s hottest POS Restaurant Management System is a great fit for businesses of any size and at any point in their journey.

Based in Farnham, Surrey, Coffee Diem has created a bespoke experience for customers. The establishment brings together the best local suppliers who are passionate about their produce. Coffee roasters, bakers, delicatessens and drinks suppliers are carefully selected for their commitment to innovation, quality and taste.

With Syrve, running a business has become simpler.

Owners George and Jacoba Murray have a wealth of hospitality industry experience — so they knew exactly what they wanted. Thanks to Syrve’s point-of-sale tools, operations dashboard and integrations, they can now focus more on all the other aspects of starting up a new business, while being sure Syrve will help them manage their quick service operation.

1. Easy-to-use POS

Staff have been able to get up and running quickly with their intuitive tech – from taking orders to splitting bills.

2. Table plans

Coffee Diem will become a popular destination winning over a loyal customer base. Syrve’s on-screen table plans are perfect for reservations and remembering guest details.

3. Simple integration

Syrve’s out-of-the-box integration has been possible for Coffee Diem’s accounting software Xero and payment service provider Paymentsense.

How Coffee Diem rates Syrve…

“I’ve been very impressed with the ease of use, along with the support I have received from the team to get the launch off

the ground. The system has allowed us to focus more on other aspects of setting up a new business.”

George Muarry, Owner of Coffee Diem

Simon Dadswell

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