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Meet your first POS—it's so easy to use

07 May, 2020 |   | 

Quick service businesses… here’s your first POS. Take orders and control of your operation with the handheld SyrveNano. It’s fast, easy and costs as little as £29 per month*.

With power in your hands, business can really take off 

Great news — if your business isn’t ready for a full-blown till. The SyrveNano will give you all the POS essentials to thrive in a handheld size.

  • Punch above your weight — with tech designed for you. Our handheld POS is perfect for cafés, kiosks, fast food outlets, food trucks and mobile/micro bars.
  • Get started right away with a brilliantly simple POS. Take orders, print receipts and then manage your menus, prices and reports from anywhere. It’s easy.
  • Take payments, track sales & feed them into your accounts. Keep accurate records and save on paperwork, thanks to out-of-the-box integration with Xero.
  • Cool tools are ready and waiting — whenever you want them. You can also use your new POS for inventory, staff management, smart analytics and reports.
  • Simple and affordable pricing with no nasty catches. Just order your POS now — and pay-as-you-go each month with no hidden fees or lengthy lock-ins.
  • As your business expands, your POS grows with you. As your POS is part of the Syrve family, you can add new features easily and painlessly.

SyrveNano overview:



How it works: Take your first steps with a POS — it’s simple

The SyrveNano is a handheld POS that includes all the software and hardware you’ll need to become a modern business, capable of growing quickly.

Step #1: Order your handheld POS direct from us. We’ll ship it out quickly. When it arrives, just login. You’ll connect to Syrve and can access all your new tools right away. Your POS will work offline too.

Step #2: Start adding your menu and prices. This is a great way to begin. Now, whenever you take orders, you’ll have detailed records of sales and income — all recorded automatically. You can spot trends and get revenue forecasts too.

Step #3: Take your POS to the next level. To get the most value, you can step-up to Syrve’s Pro software and hardware range to manage deliveries, oversee your inventory, handle staff rotas and run loyalty schemes. It’s easy to upgrade to a host of new features when the time is right.

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What do small F&B businesses need from a handheld POS?

Q: Our coffee shop needs a simple point of sale. But we don’t want an expensive and complicated till. Is your handheld POS easy to use? And what about technical support?

A: We can’t speak for other systems, but our handheld POS is ultra-simple to use — right out of the box. You don’t need any special IT skills. We’ve made it easy to add your menus, set prices and start using your POS every day. We don’t think you’ll need our technical team — but our friendly experts are available via instant messaging and the average response time is only three minutes.

Q: We love serving great food and chatting with customers at our quick service cafe. We want to spend more time on that — and less time keeping records, chasing bits of paper and sorting accounts. Will this POS help?

A: Yes, absolutely. The Syrve family of products is all about streamlining and automating processes — and then gathering all the data in one place and crunching the numbers for you. That means less worry for you in keeping records and slaving over spreadsheets. Now you can spend more time focusing on what you love, while your handheld POS handles so much of the business side.

Q: What if our business expands and we open a second kiosk, operate a food truck at special events or start offering deliveries?

A: No problem at all. That’s the beauty of Syrve. Our POS products are unified and cloud based. When you expand, there’s no need to rip and replace your IT. All the processes, tools and data for your business are stored in the cloud. Simply add a second handheld POS or upgrade to an Syrve POS till and plans, whenever you want to expand.

Buy your handheld POS today

Take your quick service business into the world of POS with Syrve.

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*SyrveNano software costs just £29+VAT pcm. Hardware options available.

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