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Kitchen management: Enable ultra-smooth, friction-free food production

19 January, 2022 |   | 

Take communication and performance to the next level — by ensuring your kitchen is a fundamental part of your Syrve platform. Digital tools will help kitchen teams to streamline food production and work seamlessly as one team with front-of-house colleagues, driving up all-around efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Increase satisfaction and sales: Reduce waiting times and raise service levels
  • Improve visibility and control: Use real-time data and order tracking to manage operations
  • Reduce friction: Ensure front-of-house and kitchen teams are always on the same page
  • Minimise costs: Reduce batch waste, optimise portion sizes and ensure order accuracy

Automated prep plans

Next-gen tech can use algorithms based on historical data and external events to produce sales forecasts with 95%+ accuracy. From these, the system can generate your prep and batch plans automatically — so kitchen teams can get to work immediately, so everything’s ready on time and waste is minimised.

Key benefits

  • Save time: The system does the thinking for you, creating prep plans automatically, including batch production throughout the day
  • Reduce food waste: Forecasts accurately specify the quantities you’ll need ready, but any waste from expired batches can be monitored and costs calculated
  • Keep production moving: Everyone stays on track without needing a manager to prompt action. All steps in production are covered
  • Better service and stronger sales: The kitchen is fully prepped to serve food on time

Real-time order tracking

With Syrve, all orders and their status appear in real-time on every screen simultaneously, from the terminal at the bar, to the kitchen display screens (KDS). The system does the communicating — without the need for checks and chase-ups. Cooking time countdowns and status updates say it all.

Key benefits

  • Manage a single pipeline: Accept all orders from multiple sources (till, website, QR code, aggregators, and more) via a single funnel and manage them all on one production line on the same platform
  • Accurate status updates: Waiting staff (and customers if you wish) can see their order status on a screen and get notified when their order is ready — to improve the service experience
  • Orders don’t get mislaid: Every order is tracked and shown as ‘cooking not started’, ‘in progress’, ‘ready, take’ or ‘served’. Kitchen staff simply click to record the progress of meals
  • Reduced friction: Front-of-house staff don’t need to chase up orders with a busy kitchen

Real-time kitchen optimisation

Syrve puts you on the front foot. It doesn’t just keep track of what’s happening inside your restaurant — it can intervene automatically on your behalf to shift priorities and optimise production. Managers also get deeper insights into kitchen performance and have the tools to step in when needed.

Key benefits:

  • Track multiple stages of production: Managers have complete oversight to help manage customer expectations — with early indicators if bottlenecks are happening
  • Handle orders intelligently: Everyone can see which menu items have to be cooked right away, which items belong to the same order and need to be served at the same time, cooking steps and progress, and which items are ready
  • Set the right priorities: Every dish has a cooking time. If too much time has elapsed, then the item will automatically become flagged by the system as ‘urgent’
  • Avoid overloading the kitchen: With visibility of the kitchen workload, front-of-house teams can schedule realistic delivery and collection times to manage customer expectations

Reporting and better quality of service

With Syrve, you can easily understand whether your kitchen is succeeding or struggling — and identify the ways to sharpen performance. The platform gives you real-time insights and can generate meaningful reports for every process connected to the kitchen and ultimately improve service levels.

  • Measure efficiency: Easily compare the performance of different kitchen shifts and restaurants
  • Delve into the detail: Obtain a wealth of information, including kitchen hours worked, cooking start delay, cooking times, service times, cooking delays and serving delays
  • Improve quality of service: Identify top kitchen performers as well as those who need extra training, so you can raise service levels and improve customer satisfaction
  • See the bigger picture: Explore how kitchen performance relates to sales, refunds, wastage, stock updates and a host of the factors. Syrve updates everything automatically

Syrve_Speak with an Expert BannerWe’ve got you covered

With Syrve, there are no gaps when it comes to kitchen management. Teams have the hardware, tools and real-time insights to succeed. Further capabilities include the following:

  • Battled-tested tech: Choose kitchen display screens, touch screens and printers
  • Team KPI dashboard: Keep the kitchen motivated with real-time metrics of your choosing
  • Smart ordering: Enable waiting staff to send orders from the table to the kitchen in a single click
  • Access to every recipe: Help chefs to check recipes and allergen information in moments
  • Keep customers updated: Choose an order status display board (if that fits your type of business)

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