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New Editions to Optimise Off-premises Dining & Food Delivery Services

15 April, 2020 |   | 

In recent weeks, we have seen a tremendous disruption in the food and beverage (F&B) industry worldwide. Today we are delighted to announce the most complete solution to help customers optimise their off-premises dining and food delivery services.

New Editions for Smarter Online Food Ordering

Syrve’s latest product extension enables you to automate your food delivery services including the management of third-party aggregator deliveries and digital ordering:

  • Integration with Deliveroo and UberEats, Syrve’s newest integrations make your food delivery service more efficient. Third-party orders from Deliveroo and UberEats are injected directly into your Syrve system to reduce working time, eliminate mistakes and accelerate sales orders. There is no need for additional middleware, making Syrve the most cost-effective system for handling third-party aggregator delivery orders.

  • Digital ordering, Preoday the latest partnership from Syrve, now let’s your customers order ahead with mobile and online ordering. The Preoday branded platform integrates with your existing website, offers mobile ordering apps and supports both collection and delivery orders. Digital orders are now injected directly into your Syrve system, eliminating human error or need for repeated, manual process intervention.

  • Simplified order injection, Syrve has developed a new API to enable customers and partners to easily integrate web applications, business solutions, mobile applications etc.  and customise their solution needs, removing any technical barriers and costly delays.

Syrve_Speak with an Expert BannerA Comprehensive ‘All-in-One’ Platform

With Syrve, you can run your entire operation with one unified business management suite – every aspect of your business is covered, and it makes the complex stuff simple:

  • Any service type, all your incoming restaurant and online orders can be managed in one platform. Syrve’s unified POS works for any type (and combination) of service – table service, delivery service, counter service, etc. You can instantly switch to delivery mode on any of your current tills without any reconfiguration or additional hardware or software costs.
  • No lost orders, the Syrve Kitchen Display System (KDS) is running the same POS application. The moment orders are entered, they are in the system and managed through to production and delivery. There is no need to send orders from one terminal to another – or the possibility of losing orders. No additional software costs are required for the KDS.
  • Full production control, staff can see instantly what needs to be produced and where it must be delivered with dish preparation statuses, cooking times countdown, and actions for orders. You also have the ability to accept orders centrally and then distribute them across multiple outlets, based on your resources and driver’s availability.
  • Driver fleet management, Syrve offers a suite of tools to optimise your delivery fleet, so you can plot routes in the most efficient way, track drivers, and give them an app to guide them.
  • Real time inventory, with Syrve you capture data instantly when and where it happens in the restaurant e.g. stock takes, transfers, batch production, write-offs. This eliminates the need to keep the back- and front-of-house operations in sync. Actions are recorded in real-time. Errors and duplication are eliminated.
  • AI-sales forecasting, Syrve fully automates sales forecasts down to 15-minute intervals and you can add ultra-precision by including local events and impacts. Based on the forecast, Syrve will automatically prepare your kitchen prep plans to meet your sales demand.
  • Automated purchasing, Syrve will create your purchase orders based on a pre-programmed supplier schedule and the calculated demand. Managers are automatically reminded when and where to accept goods. Goods acceptance is easily managed with an app. All data is captured in real-time.
  • Real-time actionable insights, Syrve goes beyond delivering on-demand reports by offering insights that drive actions, for example; when a new order needs approval, it’s time to conduct a stock count, a till shift needs closing, or there is a process violation in one of the stores, Syrve will notify the right people to take action immediately.  

Seize a share of the food delivery market — faster

With Syrve, you can save time, cost and complexity. You get everything you need in one place, so you can start quickly and accelerate successfully as your business grows. Syrve PAYG, cloud-based subscription model also means there are no hefty up-front fees or unpredictable costs.

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