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Mobile And Online Ordering

Let customers order and pay in a way that suits them, from wherever they are. Perhaps they want to order and pay from their table, so there's no need to pause the conversation. Or maybe they want to order ahead of time on their phone, so their food is ready to collected or be delivered. With Syrve, you can provide choice to order online, or from a mobile device, effortlessly.

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Get Up and Running Quickly

With Syrve, there’s no need to wait. You can launch your online and mobile ordering solution quickly and easily, enhancing the customer experience almost instantly.

  • Hit the ground running with Syrve’s quick and easy set-up and installation
  • Launch your online menus in just minutes using QR codes
  • Use Syrve’s simple website builder to develop your online presence 
  • Attract and win the loyalty of new customers who value convenience
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Mobile Ordering App

Launch an Android and iOS-compatible mobile app quickly to add a new revenue stream for your business. It’s a convenient, go-to destination for hungry customers! 

  • Increase sales by offering greater convenience and more flexibility
  • Launch a new app, or use Syrve to enhance your existing technology
  • Inject orders directly from mobile to Syrve to boost accuracy and reduce costs
  • Provide a great user experience that encourages customers to order again
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Online Ordering

Some customers prefer ordering through an app. Others prefer to use a website. Give your customers what they want with Syrve’s simple online ordering system.

  • Integrate with your existing website, or launch a new online presence quickly
  • Manage multiple locations with Syrve’s multi-menu, multi-pricing support
  • Get off to a great start with fully responsive, full functional technology
  • Promote your website, maximise visibility, and build a loyal customer base

Hear from restaurant owners directly!

See how Sryve is helping hospitality businesses around the globe boost performance.

Flexible Pricing, Stay in Control 

Say goodbye to fixed long-term contracts and hidden fees, with Syrve you benefit from flexible, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans that scale with your business.

Syrve - UAE - Pricing - Screen & Graphics
Syrve - UAE - Pricing - Screen & Graphics
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FAQs, Your Questions Answered

We are here to help, check out these frequently asked questions.

Prefer to speak with one of our experts, schedule your personalised consultation.

1. What’s the benefit of online/mobile ordering?

One of the biggest advantages of online & mobile ordering is that you can effectively eliminate queues building up at the tills in your bar or restaurant. A mobile-friendly website or app will make it easy for customers to order and ensure that you never lose a customer.

2. How do I build a website with Syrve?

Launch your website in just 20 minutes with Syrve. Simply build your menu, create a website in QR mode and link to your menu, and publish your QR codes per store. 

3. Can I enhance my website?

Of course! While a simple menu is all you need to start accepting online orders, you can enhance your site with images, descriptions, tags, allergens, and nutrition data. 

4. Will my customers be able to use my app?

Yes. Syrve helps you to build apps that are compatible with Android and iOS devices, so whichever option your customers prefer, they can use your app with ease. 

5. What happens when a customer places an order online?

When an order is placed, it’s entered directly into your Syrve platform and fired straight to your kitchen, ensuring a seamless order flow right through from start to finish. 

6. Is it costly to offer online and mobile ordering?

Syrve is designed to make mobile and online ordering more cost-effective than ever before. From simple eCommerce solutions to get up and running quickly to more sophisticated options, Syrve can support your needs.

7. Do I need any tech experience?

None at all. With Syrve, you don’t need a complex web solution to enable your customers to order online. You can get set up quickly with personalised guidance from Syrve staff.

Book A Demo Of The Syrve System To Experience The Future Of Operations

Our hospitality experts take the time to listen to your needs, learn about your business and will advise and guide you every step of the way to ensure Syrve is right for you, if it isn't we will tell you. Sound fair?

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Syrve - Book A Demo Laptop