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Today’s customers want total convenience. Whether it’s ordering from the comfort of their table, or placing a delivery order online, customers love being able to place orders without queuing at the bar or picking up the phone. That's why hospitality operators need to ensure they're visible and accessible online. If you don’t already have a strong ecommerce offering, Syrve can help you launch one.

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Get Online with Ease

Embracing ecommerce doesn’t have to be challenging. Syrve enables you to get online quickly, simply, and flexibly, and handle online and mobile orders with ease. 

  • Let your customers order ahead on their phones –from brands, aggregators, your own app or an elegant website
  • Get online quickly with a free menu publisher to launch your own website and mobile app.
  • Manage all online orders via a single pipeline within the Syrve platform
  • Gain complete control over online orders, statuses, and delivery
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Manage Ecommerce In-House

Want to stay in complete control of your ecommerce operation? Syrve gives you the tools you need to handle online orders effectively, efficiently and with confidence. 

  • Protect your margins and maintain complete control over your business
  • Enjoy total visibility: every order is placed, processed, and paid for within Syrve
  • Manage your own drivers: plot routes, track them and guide them with an APP
  • See reports and track performance in real-time to monitor online efforts
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Integrate with Third Party Platforms

Want to make use of ecommerce support partners? Syrve allows you to quickly integrate with delivery services and aggregators to help you grow online. 

  • Expand your reach, engage new audiences, and grow your business
  • Connect with some of the world’s leading delivery partners and local companies.
  • Integrate and launch quickly with Syrve’s Open Web API
  • Gain a competitive advantage and dominate your local market

Hear from restaurant owners directly!

See how Sryve is helping hospitality businesses around the globe boost performance.

Flexible Pricing, Stay in Control

Say goodbye to fixed long-term contracts, with Syrve you benefit from flexible rolling monthly contracts that scale with your business.

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FAQs, Your Questions Answered

We are here to help, check out these frequently asked questions, or our knowledge base.

Prefer to speak with one of our experts, schedule your personalised consultation.

1. Why should I have an ecommerce platform?

Your customers want to be able to order via the web, so building an ecommerce presence is a great way to meet their needs, and attract new customers, too.

2. How does it work?

With Syrve, you can get up and running in minutes with QR codes for online menu or develop a full mobile-friendly website and app - to support delivery, collection, or in-store table ordering.

3. Is ecommerce just extra work for us?

Not with Syrve. Orders taken via your ecommerce store are injected directly into Syrve, eliminating the need for rekeying and enabling you to take online orders, from multiple sources, easily.

4. I already have a website. Will Syrve work for me?

Absolutely! Syrve's Open Web API enables you to integrate your existing website or app to transform your digital presence into a complete ecommerce platform.

5. I manage multiple venues. Can I get them all online?

Yes! Syrve offers support for multiple venues and sales areas. Personalise each of your ecommerce stores with individual opening times, menus, products, and pricing.

6. Do I need any technical skills?

Not at all. Not only is Syrve intuitive and easy to use, but our onboarding experts are also here to help you set up your new ecommerce presence with menus and pricing.

7. How do I engage with ecommerce customers?

Even though your customers may be online, rather than in your bar or restaurant, you can still engage and connect with them with Syrve’s loyalty and reward features. 

Next-Gen Tech Guide

Syrve assists you to achieve greater efficiency, lower your overhead, scale profitably plus many other benefits - get started today with this Next-Gen tech guide.

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