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Guest management: Win greater long-term loyalty and grow your business

10 October, 2022 |   | 

Hospitality brands can generate greater loyalty from customers by providing a more personalised experience built around people’s preferences, superior service and attention to detail. With Syrve, you can provide memorable experiences for your guests — because you got everything right, first time.

Key benefits

  • Build a customer database: Stay connected with guests, understand their preferences and reward them with loyalty programs
  • Run an ultra-smooth front of house: Manage parties, table assignments and always be 100% prepared
  • Handle orders, payments and complexity with ease: Ensure a smooth guest experience and improve service
  • Offer mobile and online ordering: Widen your appeal by handling orders from apps, your website and direct connections with popular food delivery services — in ways that are technically simple and bring all your orders into the same production pipeline

Build a valuable customer database

Now you can get to know your customers even better, provide a more personalised experience and give them special offers, birthday treats and loyalty rewards. Syrve will help you to remember your customers and their preferences, so you can make them feel right at home.

Key benefits

  • Build your own guest database: Add the details of any customers that reserve a table, order a delivery or book a banquet, as well as adding their birthdays and anniversaries
  • Stay connected with guests: Encourage them to subscribe to your news updates and special offers — and give them personalised deals
  • Improve the customer experience: Remember your customers and their preferences, treat them as valued guests and get to know them over time
  • Offer rewards: Create a loyalty scheme — with Syrve providing all the features you need — or integrate with virtually any loyalty programme and customer data you use currently

Run an ultra-smooth front of house

Now it’s easier to manage reservations, avoid awkward mistakes and maximise table turnover. With Syrve, you can take bookings and add diners’ details in a few clicks. Front-of-house staff can also check the status of any reservations instantly on their POS device. And your team gets digital reminders when parties are about to arrive.

Key benefits:

  • Save time with an easy-to-use floor plan maker: Create customisable graphical floor plans of your restaurant so your team can pick the perfect table for each party. If guests cancel late or fail to arrive, then it’s easy to check the booking time and then free up the table for another party
  • Simplify staffing with table assignments: Table order processing screens can show free and seated tables served by clocked-in employees. You can add guests details and display their service status
  • Ensure a smooth guest experience: Easy table transfers keep your front -of-house team in the loop, so there are no lost orders
  • Maximise covers and revenue with table monitoring: Table status and colour coding enables waiting staff to understand the time to prepare the table, the start time of reservation, number of guests and other details

Turn tables faster with Smart Table Service

You can digitise and streamline your service — from the table, to the kitchen and onto payment — using a top handheld device with our ordering app and integrate payments. Orders are gathered accurately, sent to the kitchen instantly and payment can be taken at the table when diners are ready.

Key benefits:

  • Achieve more in less time: Take orders quickly and accurately — and enable payments at the table, providing speed and convenience for guests
  • Increase revenues: At busy times, staff can take more orders and turn tables faster, sometimes growing income by 5-25%
  • Improve service for guests: Send orders to the kitchen in a single click from the device, so food arrives quickly
  • Free up staff: Teams can achieve far more on the go, with no need to queue at the POS terminal

Handle orders and complexity with ease

When restaurants get busy, it’s easy for front-of-house staff to make mistakes — and upset customers by getting orders and other details wrong. But with Syrve, your team can stay on the ball. Our platform can handle the complexity, so the right dishes arrive together — and on time.

Key benefits:

  • Take orders quickly, easily and accurately: Let the system capture all the key details around dishes, modifiers, orders by seat, split items and special requests — so guests get what they requested
  • Manage courses: Define the cooking and serving order, flagging any issues and priority items
  • Improve service: Easily manage discounts, surcharges, voiding, quick checkout and split bills
  • Gain full visibility: View every order detail, changes and history for complete transparency and control
  • Add other non-food related services: Use restaurant pagers/buzzers for pay-per-time services such as pool or bowling

Offer mobile and online ordering

Today’s customers love the convenience of ordering from their phones as well as click-and-collect and home delivery — and maybe also earn rewards at the same time? With Syrve, you can broaden your appeal using apps, websites and direct connections with popular food delivery services.

Key benefits:

  • Offer greater convenience: Let your customers order ahead on their phone – from brands, aggregators, your own app or an elegant website
  • Choose the delivery model that’s best for you: Connect directly to Deliveroo, Uber Eats, JustEat –or manage your own drivers easily
  • Reduce costs: Use our delivery platform and take orders directly into your POS with no middleware fees. Manage all orders via a single pipeline on your Syrve platform
  • Gain total control: View online orders, get real-time updates, track sales and have all data appear automatically in your accounts

Syrve - UAE - Schedule a consultation Full GraphicGenerate repeat visits and reward guests

It’s important for restaurants to build on great customer experiences — and develop deeper connections that reward loyalty. With Syrve, you can create a wealth of different rewards or link directly with some of the market’s most popular programs, from the likes of YoYo, 5Loyalty, Como and LoyaltyPlant.

Key benefits:

  • Boost sales: Encourage loyalty and reward lifelong customers in a highly-competitive marketplace
  • Pick the right features for your business: Choose from discounts, gifts, combos, rewards, referrals, birthday offers, account top-ups, SMS balance checks, or a combinations of these
  • Differentiate between audiences: Target new customers and encourage them to become regulars
  • Stay in close touch: Alert customers to the latest offers with push notifications

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